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Student Visa

Student Visa is a legitimate way to study abroad and it not only gives you a chance to study in the most prestigious institutes around the world but also enhances your future prospects. The most common question that comes in the minds of Pakistani students is How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Getting Student visa from Pakistan is not tough but you have to fulfill certain criteria for this purpose. If you are one of the aspiring students who is longing to go abroad for higher studies, you should know the benefits of a student Visa with reference to numerous study destinations.

Following are the advantages of Study Visa.

Advanced study programs

Once you know How to get study visa from Pakistan it would not be difficult to seek the study visa of a particular country. So, go get your Student visa from Pakistan and live your dreams. Through a valid Study Visa, you can get yourself enrolled in renowned institutions, offering advanced study programs.

Talking about study programs, the choice is not limited and you can choose the best combination of subjects that suits you career planning. The teaching methodology and researched based tutorials will help you to experience a perfect way of learning.

After knowing this particular benefit of studying abroad, you may start thinking that How to get study visa from Pakistan. What you need to do is fulfill all the necessary requirements for obtaining a Student visa from Pakistan. For this purpose, you can get the required assistance from the immigration experts operating in your area.

Better Career Opportunities

Studying abroad is a viable way to seek quality education and it also serves as the best option to enhance your career opportunities. There are endless possibilities for the foreign student and you can manage to join your desired career. This is one of the major advantages, which you can avail while studying abroad. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your Student visa from Pakistan and start studying in the famous institutes of the world.

Earn while studying

While studying abroad, it is possible to work for specific hours throughout the week. Apart from this, students are free to work full-time and earn handsome amount during weekends. So, student visa also confers upon you the right to work and earn while studying in most of the developed countries. To know How to get study visa from Pakistan, just pay a visit to a visa consultancy in your area.

A Pathway to Get Permanent Residence

It is possible to obtain a permanent residence of a country where you have studied for a particular period. This is one of the most desired benefits of a Student Visa. However, in order to gain permanent residence, the student must complete the course of study. If you are applying for the Student visa from Pakistan, make sure to know the visa criteria of the desired country. As far as the application procedure is concerned, get in touch with an immigration expert to know How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Salient Features of Australian student Visa (Subclass 500)

This particular visa subclass allows you to stay in Australia and study full-time in a renowned educational institute. You can apply for this Student visa from Pakistan or any other country by following eligibility criteria given below.

Eligibility Criteria

To know how to get study visa from Pakistan or any other country, please read the eligibility section carefully.

  • The student must seek a letter of acceptance from the relevant educational institution in Australia
  • The minimum age limit for this category of Australian student Visa is 6 years
  • Possesses a valid proof of health insurance

Length of stay

The student after getting study visa for Australia may live and study in Australia for next five years.

Processing Fee and Cost

The processing fee for this visa starts from AUD 560.

Who is Eligible for this Visa

Prior to applying for this Visa it is advised to go through the information regarding eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant under 18 years of age must show proof regarding sufficient funds to ensure appropriate living and study related arrangements during his/her stay in Australia
  • Received an acceptance letter to study full-time in any of the recognized educational institution situated in Australia

Genuine Temporary Entrant

If you wonder How to get study visa from Pakistan read the general guidelines about the visa requirements. The requirements regarding GTE apply to all the Australian student Visa applicants including the applications for a Student visa from Pakistan. The visa officer analyzes the application as well as the individual circumstances of each student. This is done to ascertain that whether the student is intended to stay in Australia for a temporary period. You need to satisfy such officer with reference to the genuineness of your case and that your intention is to stay in Australia only for a temporary duration.

Requirements Pertaining to the English Language

The students applying for Australian student Visa from the countries where English is treated as a second language, it is necessary to provide the proof of their English language skills. If you fail to submit such evidence with your application, you will get your visa refused at the initial stage.

Financial Capacity Requirements

You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia and bear the relevant cost of travel and course fees. It means that you need to provide valid proof that you possess enough money and can easily bear all the expenses.

Evidence of financial capacity

If you are applying for Australian student Visa, following documents may serve to prove your financial capacity.

  • “Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) Form” This document is applicable for secondary exchange students)
  • A document, which proves that you fulfill the Annual Income Requirement
  • Proof or evidence of sufficient funds, showing that you can bear the travel, one-year living and course fee costs. This rule also applies to all study visa application including Student visa from Pakistan.
  • The cost may also include the expenses of people accompanying the student holding Australian student Visa

Character requirements

The applicants who want to seek Australian visa should bear a good character. This fact will be analyzed with reference to the relevant character requirements. You are bound to answer the character related questions, which are included in each visa application form. The visa officer will vigilantly assess the information provided by you.

Health requirements

You need to fulfill the health requirements. Moreover, you may be asked to seek health examination certificate. This process may take a couple of weeks and with a view to avoiding further delay, it is appropriate to undergo a health examination before you apply for Australian student Visa. Pakistani students can also apply for this visa by just following the procedures mentioned in the section How to get study visa from Pakistan.

Family Members Applying To Join You

It is possible that you and your family members make a combined application. Apart from this, the family members can file a visa application to join you later. However, it would be possible only if you have declared them in your student visa application. The fact that a person became your family member after you have filed your application is considered as an exception i.e newborn baby.

You must possess enough funds to bear your living cost and that of your accompanying family members.

Visa conditions

  • Person applying for Australian student Visa must go through the visa conditions available in Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)
  • You, as a visa holder must abide by the visa conditions or you must face the cancellation of your visa
  • The visa conditions for you and your family are slightly different
  • You are bound to abide by the laws and rules of the state or territories of Australia

How to Extend your Stay in Australia

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