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Australian Business Immigration

Australia offers a diverse economy. The business environment in Australia is stable and low risk, supported by best financial and legal systems. The business opportunities in Australia are abundant. This is the best time to make your move and grab the Australian Business Immigration. ARE YOU ELIGIBLE? You will find out once you complete this article.

The various Australian business immigration categories have their own entry requirements for Australia. Generally, a four-year temporary business visa is granted leading to lodge a permanent residency application. The visa holder is bound to produce evidence of his satisfactory business activities and investments for the temporary duration. However, the high calibre businessmen can apply for a direct permanent visa sponsored by a state/territory government. Such visas are called Business Talent Visa.

Australian Business Immigration Visa Streams

There are 3 visa streams:

Business Innovation Stream: the stream invites candidates for Australian Business Immigration visa who own business skills and are willing to establish, develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia.

Investor Stream: the candidates eligible to make an investment up to a minimum of 1.5 million AUD can apply for Australian Business Immigration visa under this stream. The investment should be made within an Australian state/territory. The candidate is required to maintain the investment and business activity in Australia.

Significant Investor Stream: anyone interested in making an investment up to a minimum of 5 million AUD to the complying investments in Australia can apply for Australian Business Immigration visa under this stream. The candidate must also be willing to maintain the investment in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria for Various Business Australian Immigration Streams

Australian business woman

Business Innovation Stream

This Australian Business Immigration visa stream requires the following.

You must:

  • Be below 55 years of age. The state/territory may approve an exception in case your proposal is highly beneficial economically.
  • Score a minimum of 65 points on the Business Australian Immigration points test
  • Own interest in an established business(s) for at least two fiscal years immediately before you apply for this visa. The turnover rate is required to be at least AUD 500,000 for those years.
  • Own any of the following percentages of your nominated main business:
  1.     If – Annual business turnover < AUD 400,000; 51%
  2.     If – Annual business turnover > AUD 400,000; 30%
  • If – Publicly listed business company; 10%
  • A successful business career throughout
  • A constant will to own , maintain and manage a business within Australia under the Business Australian Immigration visa

The Business Innovation stream checks the nature of your main business. If it involves technical, trade or professional services, then the candidate must not spend more than half of their time in the business.

The visa requires you to possess net assets of AUD 800,000 either on your name, your partner name or possessed by you and your partner combined. The assets are to be transferred to Australia legally within the 2 years duration of visa grant.

You and your partner must be free from any illegal or unacceptable investment within Australia.

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Investor Stream

This Australian Business Immigration visa stream has the following criteria.

You must:

  • Be under 55 years keeping the fact that an exceptional investment strategy of high economic benefit to Australia can be offered a waiver from the age limit requirement.
  • Have a 65 points score on the Australian Immigration points calculator.
  • Be skilled enough to manage the eligible investment and business activity.
  • Have a 3 year experience in the qualifying business.
  • Have a successful career in business investments and other business activities.
  • Be committed to carry out the investment and business activity in Australia for a long term.
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 years plan to stay and invest in the nominated Australian state/territory.

You, your partner individually or combined:

  • Have managed to own one of the following for consecutive five fiscal years by the time you are invited for the visa
  1.     10% interest in a qualifying business
  2.      A minimum of AUD 1.5 million eligible business investment
  • Possess a minimum of AUD 2.5 million net assets ready to be legally transferred to Australia within 2 fiscal years of your stay in Australia.
  • Make a state/territory government security investment of at least AUD 1.5 million that is required to be held for a minimum of 4 years.
  • Must not be a part of any kind of unaccepted activities.

Whatever you will earn through investment in Australia, it is subjected to taxation under Australian taxation law.

Significant Investor Stream

This Australian Business Immigration visa stream considers you eligible if you fulfil the following criteria.

Anyone who is eligible to have a complying investment up to a minimum of AUD 5 million, also ready to hold it for 4 continuous years, in any proportion under following categories, is eligible:

  • Commonwealth, state/territory government bonds
  • Eligible funds managed to be invested in any of the Australian assets including:
  1.      Australian infrastructure projects
  2.      Cash held by Australian deposit taking institutes
  • The Australian government/state/territory issued bonds
  1.      Bonds, hybrid, equity or any other corporate debt associated with Australian stock exchange companies or trusts
  2.      Bonds or term deposits issued by Australian financial institutes
  3.      Australian real estate
  • Australian agribusiness
  • Annuities registered through a life company registered with Australian government
  1.      Loans mortgaged on any of the investments above
  2.      Portfolio management and non-speculative purpose derivatives less than 20% total managed fund
  3.      Other managed funds for any of the above-listed investments
  • Direct investment in Australian private companies having a qualifying business with your ownership interest.
  • Your generated income is subject to tax under Australian tax laws.

The significant investor stream for Australian Business Immigration requires you to have a commitment for the following:

  • Live in the nominated Australian state/territory under Australian Immigration
  • Continue your business in Australia when it has matured
  • Stay in Australia for a minimum duration of 160 days for 4 consecutive years under your Australian Immigration provisional visa

The visa also requires a net asset of AUD 5 million on the part of the applicant, their partner or both combined. The net assets must be eligible to be transferred to Australia legally. The net assets must also be available to be invested in your complying business activity.

You and your partner must not be a part of any unacceptable activity.

In case a complying investment in commonwealth faces a loss, you, your partner or any other 18+ family members must not take any action against it.

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