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Federal Skilled Worker

This program is popularly known as Federal Skilled Worker or (FSWP) and considered as a viable way to seek Canadian immigration.

Eligible candidates, having relevant skill in their particular field may work and reside in Canada on a permanent basis. The work experience must not be less than one year full-time or part-time job, in any of the listed occupations.

After the reopening of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) on May 1, 2014, there was a feel of great excitement. Numerous immigrants, willing to apply for their immigration to Canada considered it as a perfect chance.

The program offers 50 eligible occupations for candidates, willing to seek Canada immigration. Moreover, it will entertain 25,000 applications for the sake of required intake cap.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program through the Years

This program has evolved as one of the most famous and established programs for Canadian immigration. It has undergone numerous transformations in the past few years. Canada is trying to take its immigration programs to a specific level and fulfill its Labor market needs.

Most of the noticeable transformations regarding the FSW program were witnessed in 2008. This was the time of issuing Ministerial Instructions for making changes to eligibility criteria of FSW.

Ministerial Instructions

“Ministerial Instructions are necessary to issue specific instructions to visa officers. These instructions allow achieving the following, as described by the CIC.

“Enable the Government of Canada to better attain its immigration goals”.

Ministerial Instructions are normally active for the limited period and have to be effective in their nature. They affect numerous Canada immigration programs; however, their impact on FSW program is quite strong and far reaching.

Minimum Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Following are the requirements to fulfill the eligibility criteria for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW).

Skilled Work Experience

In order to be eligible for Canadian immigration, the candidate must fulfill following criteria, regarding work experience.

  • The Paid work experience is necessary (Volunteer work and unpaid internships are not acceptable)
  • The experience must be in the same skill type
  • The candidate should provide an experience of one year (1,560 hours full-time)
  • During last 10 years

The eligibility criteria regarding Canadian immigration for Pakistanis are also the same.

Full Time

30 hours per week for 12 months or 1-year full-time (1560 hours)

Part time

15 hours per week for 24 months or 1-year full-time (1560 hours)

You should declare that you have duly performed all the duties, as prescribed in the occupational description of NOC. It must include overall duties performed by you, in line with the main duties listed in the NOC. In case, work experience requirements are not fulfilled, you can’t apply for immigration to Canada through this program.

Language Ability

You must meet the minimum level of language proficiency, in order to seek Canadian immigration. Following are the basic language ability requirements.

  • Must have a language level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7
  • Take part in and qualify the language test. The test requires due approval by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • The candidate must have the ability to speak, understand, write and read.

It is necessary to meet all the language-related requirements. The applicant must meet the requirements of English or French language. In addition, he/she must include the test results while submitting the Express Entry profile.

This test is valid for two years. If you fail to get immigration to Canada within 2 years, you have to reappear and qualify the test.


As far as the education requirements are concerned, you must possess:

  • A Canadian post-secondary certificate, diploma, secondary (high school) certificate or a degree
  • An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report. This report must be generated by CIC approved agency. It verifies the fact that education credentials are in line with educational standards of Canada.

Factors Effecting Selection

The selection factors are similar to those, which you come across while meeting the eligibility criteria. These factors are as under:

  • Valid education credentials
  • Required work experience in relevant fields
  • English or French language skills (Minimum level)
  • Must fall under the criteria of age
  • Canadian immigration points
  • A valid job offer is one of the decisive selection factors
  • The element of adaptability, once the candidate gets immigration to Canada

Proof of Funds

The candidate willing to seek Canadian immigration must display a valid financial source or enough money in savings.  It shows that the prospective immigrant can support his/her stay in Canada. However, there are few exceptions to this rule.

  • In case the candidate receives a valid job offer from Canadian employer
  • legally authorized to work in Canada, during present circumstances
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