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Australian Immigration: What is Subclass 489? – Subclass 489 Visa

Australian immigration is getting popular with more and more people being attracted towards the sound economy and quality living standards there. Australian government itself is inviting skilled workers to live and work there. Pakistanis are also entertained in the process. What is subclass 489? Read below…

Australia is a country rich in resources but the government is facing the lack of workforce issues. For the matter, they have ease up the immigration process for Australia. More and more skilled workers are invited to live and work there. This has been done to overcome the workforce issues.

Australia has outgrown the resources as compared to skilled workers. Therefore, to keep their economy flourishing and to utilize the available resources to its fullest, the skilled immigration programmes are opened.

Every year a number of people apply for Australian immigration globally. And the eligible candidates get through the process successfully. The policies are simple especially for skilled immigration.

A commonly used visa subtype is subclass 489 that is popular among the candidates willing to move to Australia.

You’ll get to know every detail about what is subclass 489 in this article.

Subclass 489 is a provisional skilled worker visa. This visa allows you to live and work in Australia. Having fulfilled the terms and conditions, subclass 489 may lead to permanent residency in Australia. The skilled worker applying for Australian immigration through this visa category can also take his family members to live, work and study in Australia.

To apply for subclass 489 either you must be nominated by a state/territory or you must be sponsored by an eligible family member already living in Australia.

Keep reading to know more about what is subclass 489, subclass 489 visa benefits, 489 visa processing time, 489 visa points calculator and its difference from other visa categories like subclass 887, subclass 89 and subclass 190.     

Subclass 489 Visa Benefits

Benefits of subclass 489

You must be considering what is subclass 489 visa benefits? Let’s take a look below and read the benefits of Australian Immigration:

  • The skilled visa holder can live and work in specified regional areas in Australia for four years
  • Skilled visa holder can study in Australia (specified regional areas only)
  • Visa holder can sponsor his family members
  • A chance for permanent residency in Australia (if eligible)
  • Family members of the visa holder can study in specified regional areas in Australia for four years
  • The visa holder and his family can travel to and from Australia till the visa is valid
  • The family members of the visa holder can also apply for permanent residency through subclass 887
  • Apart from these, there are a lot more benefits of Australian Immigration

Criteria to Apply for Subclass 489

To apply for subclass 489 you need to follow the following steps:

  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • You must be invited to apply on successful submission of EOI
  • You must be sponsored by a state/territory or an eligible relative
  • Score the passing marks on 489 visa points calculator
  • Your age must be between 18-49
  • You must pass the skilled assessment regarding your nominated skill for Australian immigration
  • Fulfil English language basic requirements
  • Fulfil health and character requirements

If you meet the criteria, consider your 489 visa granted.

Requirements in case of Invited Pathway and Extended Stay Pathway

In addition to the above criteria, application for subclass 489 through Invited Pathway requires you to have:

  • A letter of invitation from Australian immigration department

Your letter of invitation is based on your submitted EOI. You are required to attain minimum score against your nominated skill in skills assessment that is mentioned in your invitation letter.

In case you are applying for Extended Stay Pathway, you must have:

  • A provisional visa in subclass 495, 496, 475 or 487

What is Subclass 489 Eligible Sponsor?

The eligible sponsors who can nominate you to apply through subclass 489 must be 18+ of age and one of these:

  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

Such relatives can be your sponsor if they relate to you as one of the following:

  • a child (step child inclusive)
  • a parent (step parent inclusive)
  • a brother or sister  (adoptive or step siblings inclusive)
  • a niece or nephew (adoptive or step niece/nephew inclusive)
  • an aunt or uncle (adoptive or step aunt/uncle inclusive)
  • a grandparent
  • a first cousin

These relations can be your sponsors for subclass 489 and they can sponsor you for any regional state/territory within Australia.

Australian State/Territory Nomination

If you are nominated by an Australian state/territory for Australian immigration, you must obey the following:

  • Notify about the decision of Department of Immigration and Border Protection regarding your provisional application
  • Notify your arrival in Australia (if applicable)
  • Live and work in the specified region against your nominated skill
  • Participate in the surveys

What is Subclass 489 Visa Processing Time?

The visa undergoes priority processing. It means that no matter when you have submitted your application of Australian immigration through this visa category, your application will be processed when its assigned priority number will be called for.

Usually 489 visa processing takes 12 weeks time but considering your nominated skills, it may vary or takes longer than 112 weeks.

The Australian immigration department informs you regarding the status of your application when it is processed. You will be notified if you get your 489 visa granted.

What is Subclass 489 Visa Points Calculator?

You are required to score at a minimum of 60 points on subclass 489 visa points calculator. The points are awarded on the basis of age, English language ability, skilled employment, academic qualifications, Australian study requirements and other such factors. Each category is divided into sub-categories. Your collective score will decide whether you are eligible to apply for subclass 489 or not.

What is Subclass 489 Visa Checklist?

Candidates applying for subclass 489 must provide all the documents that will support their claims along with the application. The medium of documents must be English. In case, the documents are in a language other than English, an English translated copy must be attached with that document.

You must provide the following documents:

  • Expression of interest
  • Points test assessment report
  • Nominated skill assessment report
  • Medical fitness proof
  • Visa charges
  • Certified copies of personal documents (biographical pages of passport, birth registration, family book showing names of parents and children, character certificate etc.)
  • Evidence of English language ability
  • Proof of eligibility of your sponsoring relative
  • Proof of your relation with the sponsor
  • Proof that you have complied with all conditions of visa (for 495, 496, 475 or 487 provisional visa holders)

Subclass 887

Subclass 887 is the permanent visa for applicants who have lived and worked in specified provisional regions of Australia. You can get a subclass 887 visa if:

  • You are in Australia
  • You have one of the skilled immigration visas out of subclass 489, 495, 496 or 487
  • You have lived for 2 years in a specified regional territory of Australia
  • You have worked at least 1 year as a full time employee in the specified regional territory of Australia
  • You fulfil the necessary health and character requirements

You must be living in Australia at the time when you apply for this visa and when this visa is granted.

Subclass 189 vs. Subclass 489

Subclass 189 is an independent skilled visa category that allows you to live and work in anywhere in Australia. You apply for subclass 189 against a nominated skill and on successful visa processing, the visa is granted.

It also allows you to study anywhere in Australia. You may also sponsor your family through 189.

There is no need for any sponsorship from an employer or family member. State/territory sponsorship is also not required.

489 on the other hand, has all these benefits but within a specified regional territory. Also, you must be sponsored either by a family member or by an Australian state/territory.

Through subclass 189, you can apply for permanent Australian citizenship 2 years after successful compliance of all visa conditions. 489 bounds you to comply with all conditions for 4 years, only then you can apply for a permanent residency in Australia.

Subclass 190 vs. Subclass 489

subclass 190 vs 489

Subclass 190 is a skilled immigration visa that allows you to have a residency in Australia. You nominate a skill from the Skilled Occupation List or Consolidated Skilled Occupation List and work in Australia against that skill.

Subclass 190 requires you to be nominated by a state/territory in Australia. You can sponsor your family members through this visa and apply for a permanent residency after 2 years.

Though it seems similar to 489 but the major difference is that 489 bounds you to live, work and study in a specified regional state/territory of Australia. 190 on the other hand, allow you to live, work and study anywhere in Australia.

Also, you can apply for permanent residency on a successful compliance of all conditions, only after 4 years of 489 visa granted.



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