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Austria Shortage occupations list 2015

Shortage occupations list 2015

  • 1. Milling machinists

Milling machinist (metal processing), CHC milling machinist, die milling machinist

  • 2. Black toppers 

Black topper

  • 3. Metal turners     

Bar turner, boring mill operator, turner, master turner, thread cutter, carousel turner, revolver turner, point turner, die turner, CNC skilled worker, machining technician, CNC turner, metalwork technician – machining technology 

  • 4. Agricultureal equipment engineers 

Agricultural equipment engineer, agricultural equipment technician, agricultural equipment mechanic Works fitter, gallantry fitter, maintenance fitter, master fitter (metalwork shop), model fitter, repair fitter, control fitter, fitter (metalwork shop), general fitter, smelter fitter, hydraulic fitter, metal technician – metal processing technology, foundry mechanic, mine fitter – machine buildings, skilled metalworker, metalworker, mine fitter

  • 5. Roofers

Roofer, foreman/forewoman (roofer), master roofer 

  • 6. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for mechanical engineering

Installation engineer – mechanical engineering (Engineer), motor vehicle construction engineer (Engineer), mechanical engineering technician (Engineer), mechanical design engineer (Engineer), air conditioning system engineer (Engineer), sanitary engineer (Engineer), parts design engineer (Engineer), tool design engineer (Engineer), mechatronics engineer (Engineer), building services engineer (heating, ventilation, sanitary) (Engineer), quality assurance engineer (Engineer), CAD design engineer (Engineer), precision engineer, systems engineer (Engineer), drive technology engineer (Engineer), construction machinery engineer (Engineer), CAM engineer (Engineer), production engineer (Engineer), weapons engineer (Engineer), ventilation engineer (Engineer), technical college graduate in mechanical engineering, automation engineer (Engineer), CAD/CAM programmer (Engineer)

  • 7. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineering) for power engineering technology

Electrical engineer (Engineer), installation engineer – power engineering (Engineer), design engineer – power engineering (Engineer), power engineer (Engineer), apparatus engineering technician (Engineer), electrical engineer – energy/drive technology (Engineer), technical college graduate in electrical engineering

  • 8. Welders, cutting torch operators

Aluminium welder, Argonac welder, oxyfuel torch operator, oxyfuel cutting torch operator, oxyfuel welder, electric welder, master electric welder, braze welder, boiler welder, point welder, pipe welder, gas-shielded welder, chain welder, universal welder, metalwork technician – welding technology 

  • 9. Tool makers, die makers and die-cut makers

Mould maker, die maker, tool maker, tool maker foreman/forewoman, master tool maker, tool fitter, tool making technician, precision tool grinding technician, industrial engraver, tool and jig maker, design engineer – tool making technology, metal technician – tool making technology 

  • 10. Specialty tinsmiths

In-house tinsmith, alphabetic character tinsmith, sheet metal tinsmith, artisan tinsmith, HVAC tinsmith, tinsmith, foreman/forewoman (tinsmith), insulation tinsmith, aircraft tinsmith  

  • 11. Power engineers

Electrical engineer, installation engineer, design engineer – power engineering, electrical engineer – energy / drive engineer

  • 12. Graduate nurses

The regulation only applies to graduate nurses who started with their complementary training in Austria in 2014 at the latest and have completed it at the time of application. Persons who have not yet received the relevant nostrification decision by the Austrian authorities are not covered.

Graduate psychiatric nurse, graduate psychiatric healthcare worker and nurse, graduate paediatric-infant nurse, graduate paediatric nurse, graduate nurse, graduate healthcare worker and nurse, student nurse, graduate private nurse, graduate infant carer and child carer, graduate infant-paediatric nurse, graduate company nurse, surgical nurse, nursing service manager, residential manager in geriatric care

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