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Canadian Immigration – Start-up Visa Program

Start-up Visa Program is an initiative by Canadian immigration department, which targets skillful entrepreneurs who are willing to settle down and build their businesses in Canada. These entrepreneurs should have following abilities in general.

  • Capable of creating new jobs for Canadians
  • Can manage to compete globally
  • Have innovative business idea

Canadian Immigration - Start-up Visa Program

Canada is the ideal place to start your business and here are few reasons for this preference.

  • Minimum taxes
  • Superior living standard
  • Less business cost
  • Strong economy

Eligibility Criteria for Start-up Visa Program

Prior to applying for this visa category, the candidate must fulfill following eligibility requirements.

Must have a Business Idea Supported by Designated Organization in Canada

The applicant must seek the support of a designated organization and obtain a Letter of Support.

This letter should be a part of the application and failure to do so may result in refusal.

Business Should Meet Ownership Requirements

  • At least 10 % of the voting rights in the business should be available to each of the applicant
  • Over 50 % of the voting rights in the business should be jointly available to the applicants and designated organization
  • Only five people may apply for this category as the owners of a single business.

Meet the language requirements

The applicant must pass the language proficiency test by meeting the minimum level of (CLB) 5 and attach the result with the application.

Proof of sufficient Money

The money you may need to settle in Canada depends on the size of each family. The Canadian government does not provide any kind of financial support to the Start-up Visa holder.

You must have sufficient money to settle in Canada and support your dependents.

Application Package

After receiving the application package, fill out the form in the required format and include all the necessary documents. Sign the application form and submit it at the respective receiving center.

For further assistance, you can contact us at immigrationexperts.pk.

Application Fees

Canadian Immigration - Start-up Visa Program

This includes the processing fee for your application and that of the family members who will accompany you to Canada. You have to pay the application fee for each member of your family who is mentioned in your application. Before you submit your application, make sure to check the fee and pay it accordingly.

Right of Permanent Residence Fee

Besides the application fee, you will also have to pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. However, this application is payable in case of approval and you should pay it before receiving the title of permanent resident.

This amount is refundable during following circumstances.

  • In case your application is rejected
  • After cancellation of your application
  • If you are not going to Canada

You are bound to pay the “Right of permanent residence fee” of your spouse or common-law partner. In this way, your spouse or common-law partner will join you in Canada and become a permanent resident.

In order to gain further information as for how to pay the fee, feel free to contact us at immigrationexperts.pk.

Other Fees

Apart from above-mentioned fees, you may also require paying other fees such as a medical exam, police certificate, language testing and fee for using services at a Visa Application Centre.

Things to Consider

Before submitting your application, make sure that you have:

  • signed all the forms including the application
  • Attached all the supporting documents
  • Answered all the questions
  • Paid your processing fee

If the application form is not complete or you have failed to attach a necessary document, it will be sent back to you for correction of errors. This will cause an unpleasant delay in processing of your application. To avoid this inconvenience, try to follow the Document Checklist before filing the application.

In addition to this, the applicant must also follow these steps in order to start the application process.

  • Attach the barcode page(s) and all other pages related
  • Print the barcode page(s)
  • You must perform online validation of the Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008] by clicking on the “Validate” button

This is necessary to make sure that the application is complete and to avoid further delays.

To seek more information about the barcode form, please contact us at immigrationexperts.pk.

Things to Consider While Preparing for Your Arrival

Canadian Immigration - Start-up Visa Program

Before leaving for Canada, you must plan your arrival and make a list of all the necessary documents, which you may need. For your assistance, we have created a list of most important documents without which it is impossible to enter Canada.

  • Valid passport/travel documents
  • The passport should be a regular one i.e private passport. It is not possible to seek Canadian immigration with a public affairs, diplomatic or government servant passport.
  • Valid permanent resident visa
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)

The concerned immigration officer will see through the documents and verify that you are entering Canada before or on the expiry date. The date on the permanent resident visa is not extendable.

In addition, the officer will ask you certain questions to make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria regarding Canadian immigration. You are also bound to provide valid proof with reference to your ability to support you and your family while living in Canada. Even at this stage, you may not be allowed to enter into Canada. This happens when you provide incomplete, unauthentic or false information to the CBSA officer.

Disclosure of funds

In case you arrive in Canada possessing more than CAN$10,000, it is necessary to inform CBSA officer to avoid any kind of fine or seizure of funds. The funds that you will be carrying may be in any of the following forms.

  • Stocks, securities that belong to you
  • Debentures, cash, bonds, treasury bills
  • Money orders, traveler’s Cheques, or bankers’ drafts/cheques



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